About Khushi

Khushi Foods Ltd. at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is the largest manufacturing and exporting unit in India offering a wide range of dehydrated vegetables, dry fruits, agriculture commodities, chilli products, turmeric products, herbs, other spices. We started a new journey in FMCG sector in 2013 wherein our management decided to diversify of the  dehydration business and join in the race for FMCG brands in th name of KHUSHI’S  CMD of Khushi Foods Mr Sharma who previously was involved in his family business of dehydration started to think in a different aspect targeting the youth who are mostly the garlic bread lovers. So he innovated GARLIC MAGIC-  a product which helped to make garlic bread at home.Now it is the star product of Khushi’s Basket present across India. It was the resilience; foresightedness and hard work of his which has made the brand register its name among industry stalwarts. With vast experience of over 17 years, the company strives to march forward and reach new horizons with consistent world class products. With the current world scenario we find an inclination towards ready to cook food which need less oil to cook. This helps the working class to save their time in a healthy way. We have worked relentlessly to serve this segment. All our products has the special touch and flavor of home made food with natural and rich taste. The USP of our product is they are 100% natural, free from chemicals and no msg. Presently we have an extensive product basket of 21 products
We strive vigorously for winning customer satisfaction by producing best products strictly as per the customer requirements. Khushi Foods Ltd. is a result oriented & customer focused company to deliver on time, cost effective products. We strive to preserve the natural characteristics of the product without any loss of flavor, colour and aroma.
We know that it is the quality of our products and services which in long run will decide how much we are valued by our customers. Hence we strive hard to maintain stringent quality controls for all the products we manufacture.
At the same time, we supply our dehydrated vegetable products to major Indian markets. Our products are used mainly in households, hotels, catering services, resorts restaurants and packed food industry. Our speciality is to offer products which retain their taste, color and flavour because we don’t use chemicals in process.