Corn Flour Magic

White corn flour blends well with other food ingredients and can be blended with wheat flour to reduce gluten for cakes, cookies, pastries and crackers. White corn flour is used as a filler, binder and thickener in cookie, pastry and meat industries.

How To Use

For thicker soups , gravies, & sauces: For a cup of gravy or soup , blend 1 heaped tbsp (20g) Khushi’s Corn Flour in some cold water. Stir slowly to remove lumps and add to the recipe

Nutrition Information

(*)Nutrition Information Per 100 grms

Energy – 374.36 Kcal

Total Fat – 0.36 g

Protein – 1.33 g

Total Carbohydrate – 91.45 g

Sugar – 00 g



Edible Corn Starch
Can be used for making pista coolfi

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