Khushi Foods Ltd. is awarded FDA, Star K-Kosher and HACCP certifications We are member of APEDA and SPICES BOARD OF INDIA


Strict quality control at each stage of manufacturing helps us produce world class products. Which are in demand in world markets like Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, Africa and many other countries.
We strive vigorously for winning customer satisfaction by producing best products strictly as per the customer requirements. Khushi Foods Ltd. is a result oriented & customer focused company to deliver on time, cost effective products. We strive to preserve the natural characteristics of the product without any loss of flavor, colour and aroma.
We know that it is the quality of our products and services which in long run will decide how much we are valued by our customers. Hence we strive hard to maintain stringent quality controls for all the products we manufacture
At the same time, we supply our dehydrated vegetable products to major Indian markets. Our products are used mainly in households, hotels, catering services, resorts restaurants and packed food industry. Our speciality is to offer products which retain their taste, color and flavour because we don’t use chemicals in process

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